Roscoe's Original sauce was eight years in the making. Until the day he got it just right. Roscoe knew it. His family knew it. His friends knew it. And the neighborhood knew it. Roscoe calls his sauce a KC style sweet and tangy crowd pleaser. Not too hot with a little sweet up front. And a tang at the end.


Roscoe's Hot Sauce has all the distinctive flavor of his Original Sauce. It's just hotter.
A lot hotter. You'll want a glass of something cold nearby.


Roscoe's Original Rub came to him quick. It just worked. With spices selected from around the country to balance the hot and the sweet, it's the perfect compliment to our meat.


Our meats are tender because our rub builds a unique bark. It's part science. And part artistry. We smoke high quality choice cuts of meat at precise temperatures. And meticulously choose spices from all over the country to compliment the meat. What you end up with is a plateful of flavor you'll think about all day. And the next.


People say our ribs fall off the bone. We like hearing that. Our lightly seasoned recipe slow smokes a choice cut of meat to perfection. Compare them to your favorite. You might just have a new favorite.


Our brisket is slow cooked and heavily seasoned. Mixed with sugars, the spices form a bark that covers the meat, locking in a distinctive tender beef flavor your mouth won't recognize.


We cut giant burnt ends from our slow cooked, perfectly marbled brisket. Crispy and smoky on the outside, these tasty gems melt in your mouth.


Our pork is slow cooked and heavily seasoned. We pull it right off the smoker. And it never touches the sauce. So you can taste the natural flavor.


Our slow cooked pit ham is no ordinary ham. Roscoe calls it “Ham-Butter”. We slice it so thin, it melts in your mouth. Just like butter.


Chicken is the only meat we smoke with Roscoe's Original Sauce. We add just the right amount to build a perfect glaze. It takes one bite to know why we do it that way.


Roscoe is always underwhelmed with turkey sandwiches at other BBQ joints. So he decided to make a turkey that smokes for hours and brings out the all-natural flavor of fresh turkey and wood. The way it was meant to be.


The hickory, apple and cherry wood we put in our smoker is extremely important. Not all BBQ joints add different kinds of wood to their fire pit at specific times of the day. It's how we capture our distinctive smoky flavor. We can't tell you what time we rotate our wood. But we can promise you'll be glad we did.

Our family has a passion for BBQ. You can taste it. Long before we opened up our three-generation family restaurant, we spent our weekends, vacations and free time improving our craft while we travelled around the country participating in BBQ contests. Now, we're proud to be a fixture in the community, sharing our love of BBQ with you. Whether you're from across town or the other side of the country, you'll always be treated like family at Roscoe's.


Address: 9711 Kaw Drive, Edwardsville, KS 66111

Hours: Monday: 11-3 Tuesday - Friday: 11-7

Phone: 913.422.4600

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